Global No.1
based Medical BIO TECH.

The New is ahead!

We sincerely welcome to Dr. JCOS INC.

Dr. JCOS is Dermo Cosmetics company based Medical Bio Tech.
for a beautiful and healthy life of 100 years.

Dr. JCOS researches and develops beauty solutions
that help customers become more beautiful
through big data on the skin characteristics and their beauty lifestyles
of consumers around the world.
Dr.JCOS wants to grow into the global No. 1 Dermo Cosmetics company
with immediate satisfaction and effectiveness
that can overcome the limitations of cosmetics that had high dissatisfaction

Dr. JCOS's DERMO COSMETICS : Innovative Anti-Aging Therapy

Dr.JCOS aim to provide healthy anti-aging youthful skin
through innovative biotechnology and dermatological procedures are combined
improves skin aging, which is accelerated by the harmful environment.

Dr. JCOS’ Smart Beauty Life Lab researchers
will do our best to develop products and services for your beauty.

Thank you !
All executives and employees of Dr. JCOS INC.

Business Value

Let’s Beautiful Every Day for Anti Aging Skin,

1. Passion - Development of Innovative Anti-Aging Therapy
    (Technology and New materials)

2. Authenticity – Research and development through collaboration
    with global research institutes

3. Empathy – Developing new cosmetics with high satisfaction
    from global consumers

want to complete the dream of skin care that has not been achieved before
in a different way than before.

Business Area

Dr. JCOS want to solve the ultimate skin concerns of global consumers
with Innovative anti-aging dermo cosmetics that have never experienced.
1. Development of new materials and formulations with patented technologies.

2. Development of Dermo Cosmetics with global skin characteristics big data.

3. Through expansion of distribution to domestic and overseas
    dermatology, plastic surgery, hospitals, aesthetics, spas, drug stores, home etc.

Dr.JCOS wants to grow into the global No. 1 Dermo Cosmetic Company.

Global No. 1 Bio Beauty Technology!

Development of 3 types of Captain Probiotics obtained from healthy fermented foods.
Development of patented natural peeling technology that can be used without downtime.
Development of patented probiotic technology for Healthy Skin Microbiome.

Innovative Dermo Cosmetics Products!

1. Treatment: Dactor Peel (Face, Body) for professional skin peeling care management
2. Start of Anti aging: Phytoild for clear skin
3. Maintenance of Anti aging: Dr. JCOS for intensive anti-aging management
4. Speed of Anti aging: SBLAB for intensive skin care.
5. Recovery of Anti aging: CHIYUU for problem & trouble skin concern.

Global Business Network!

Not only domestic consumers,
Vietnam, China, India, Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, etc.
Expanding exports of Dermocosmetic that can solve skin concerns of global consumers

Newseconomy - Distribution of News Articles
The Medical Aesthetic Market with Breakthrough Peeling Solutions Leading Company, Dr.JCOS
Jun, 2024
Participating in the Cosmobeauty Seoul 2024 Fair
May, 2024
May, 2024
2024 Overseas Business Development of TURKEY
May, 2024
Vietnam International Trade Fair 2024
Apr, 2024
Mar, 2024
Official Homepage Renewal Grand Opening
Mar, 2024
Shopping Mall Renewal Grand Opening
Feb, 2024
"Beauty Play" Popup Store Exhibition in Myeongdong
Dec, 2023
Family-Friendly Company Certification
Dec, 2023
Participation in the Vietnam Expo in HCMC
Dec, 2023
Participation in the 2023 International Sourcing Fair
Nov, 2023
Ministry of SMEs and Startups Excellence Award Certificate Completion
Nov, 2023
Acquired Chinese NMPA certification- Phytoild Natural Rich
Nov, 2023
New Materials International (EU) Patent Application for Vegan Probiotics-DactorTec TM KIS
Nov, 2023
Czech Republic exports anti-aging functional cosmetics
Oct, 2023
Participation in G-Fair Korea 2023
Oct, 2023
Italy V-Label Vegan Certification
Oct, 2023
Participation in the 2023 Beauty and Healthcare Show
Sep, 2023
Selection of Quality Excellent Products in Incheon Metropolitan City
Sep, 2023
33rd Congress IFSCC Barochelona 1 paper presentation
Sep, 2023
Participation in the 2023 Intercham Korea Fair
Aug, 2023
Chinese exports-SBLAB, PHYTOILD
Aug, 2023
2nd round of export contract for functional cosmetics development and evaluation services in China
Jul, 2023
2023 Incheon Beauty Industry Export (Thailand) Star Company Selection
Jul, 2023
National R&D-Innovative Growth Participates in Joint R&D Development of Skin Health-Based Technology
Dec, 2025 ~ Jul, 2023
Participation in Vietnam's economic delegation and signing of MOUs in Vietnam
Jun, 2023
Italy V-Label Vegan Certification-Four Types of Probiotic New Materials(DactorTec™ KIS-Pow, Som, Sol, Soo)
Jun, 2023
2023 K-Life in CIS - Participation in Almaty offline export consultation and exhibition
Jun, 2023
Participating in the Cosmobeauty Seoul 2023 Fair
May, 2023
Participation in the Korea Brand Expo in Oceania
May, 2023
Certification of Origin Certification Exporters by Item
May, 2023
Natural Vegan Launches Probiotic Cosmetics Healing Brand
May, 2023
Entering a specialized hospital shop
May, 2023
China-Functional Cosmetics Development Evaluation Service 1st Export Contract
Apr, 2023
International (US) Patent Application for Vegan Probiotics New Materials-DactorTec™ KIS
Apr, 2023
Acquired European CPNP certification -6 types of Chiyuu
Jan, 2023
Signing a contract to establish non-exclusive licenses to revitalize cosmetics exclusively for Larafil Hospital
Jan, 2023
Vietnam exports anti-aging functional cosmetics (Dr.JCOS 8 types)
Dec, 2022
Recognition for Contributions to Corporate Innovation and Promising Company Growth
Dec, 2022
Denmark exports anti-aging functional cosmetics (Dr.JCOS 2 types)
Dec, 2022
Vietnamese trademark registration-Dr.JCOS / SBLAB / Phyoild /Chiyuu
Nov, 2022
[2022 Beauty Brand Awards in Beauty Tech] Awarded
Nov, 2022
Results of a study on targeted formulations by Chinese consumer skin characteristics
Thai Consumer Skin Microbiome Study Results Announced
Nov, 2022
Participation in the G-Fair Korea Fair
Oct, 2022
India Exports Anti-Aging Functional Cosmetics (Dr.JCOS 2 Types)
Oct, 2022
Italy exports anti-aging functional cosmetics (Dr.JCOS 8 types)
Oct, 2022
Participation in K-Beauty Expo Korea 2022
Oct, 2022
Acquired Chinese NMPA certification-Dr.JCOS Velvet Glow Melting Cream /Dr.JCOS Velvet Glow Ample Soffner
Sep, 2022
Acquired European CPNP certification Dr.JCOS Velvet Glow Melting Cream /Dr.JCOS Velvet Glow Ample Soffner
Sep, 2022
International (China) Patent Application for Vegan Probiotics New Materials-DactorTec™ KIS
Sep, 2022
Germany Dermatest - Excellent Certification
Four types of new probiotics : DactorTecTM KIS-Pow, Som, Sol, Sooo / 4 new products of probiotics
Sep, 2022
Acquired Russian EAC certification
Jul, 2022
2022 Global K-Beauty Awards - Consumer Concerns Solution Awarded for Customized Cosmetics
Jun, 2022
Technology transfer contract signed with World Kimchi Research Institute
Apr, 2022
Donation of 3 types of cosmetics to military bases
Jan, 2022
Incheon Airport Duty-Free Shop Entry
Jan, 2022
[Incheon Metropolitan City] Selected and certified as a promising small and medium-sized enterprise to lead the 21st century
Nov, 2021
New Materials International (PCT) Patent Application for Vegan Probiotics
Oct, 2021
IFSCC Mexico Conference 2021 Paper Presentation 3
Oct, 2021
Launch of SBLAB, a 5-product solution brand for skincare concerns
Oct, 2021
Participating in the K-Beauty Expo
Oct, 2021
Selection of the 1st Crew
Jul, 2021
New Material Patent Registration for Vegan Probiotics - DactorTec™ KIS
Jun, 2021
Ministry of SMEs and Startups [Outstanding Start-up Internship Program 2020] Commended by the President of the Korea Start-up Promotion Agency
Apr, 2021
Deposit of research results (3 species of biological resource lactic acid bacteria)
Mar, 2021
SBLAB Trademark Registration / Phytoild Trademark Registration
Feb, 2021
Wadiz Crowd funding Achieved 1000% -Phytoild
Feb, 2021
Results of targeted formulation study by Vietnamese consumer skin characteristics
Nov, 2020
Performing initial start-up package development project
Feb, 2021 ~ Jun, 2020
Switzerland exports Bio new materials (Alpinyouth™)
May, 2020
New Material Patent Registration for Skin Transparency Improvement- Youth P-Sol™
Apr, 2020
Acquire a certificate of a customized cosmetic manufacturer
Mar, 2020
Implementation of a project to develop leading technology for skin science applied materials Development of Customized Probiotic Ingredients and Cosmetics for Skin Functions using Korean Kimchi and German Sauerkraut Strains
Dec, 2022 ~ Apr, 2020
Business Agreement with Swifiss AG for Local Production and Manufacturing in Switzerland
Sep, 2019
Supply Agreement for Brand Development with LF Athe Co., Ltd
Oct, 2019
ISO 22716 (Cosmetics-GMP) Certification
Sep, 2019
[Ministry of SMEs and Startups] Start-up Growth - Technology Development Project ImplementationDevelopment of Cosmetics to Improve Skin Transparency Using Natural Chemical Filling Agents
Jun, 2020 ~ Jun, 2019
Venture company (R&D Innovation Research and Development Type) Certification
Feb, 2019
Online Retail Business Registration
Jan, 2019
Establishment of a corporate research institute (Smart Beauty Lide Lab)
Oct, 2018
Cosmetic manufacturing registration
Aug, 2018
Registration of responsible cosmetics sales business
Aug, 2018
Conclusion of Business Agreement for Dermatology Product Development
Jul, 2018
Completion of incorporation
Jun, 2018

Big Data of Global Skin Characteristics!

Global Export through 12,000 big datas on skin characteristics.

Development Global Dermo Cosmetics for 81 Skin Characteristics
through analysis of 11 skin characteristics (moisture, skin sensitivity,
pigmentation, wrinkle elasticity, etc.) and 56 beauty life styles
with 12,000 consumers from 18 countries

Innovative Anti-Aging Technology!

Development Dermo Cosmetics with Global No. 1 Patented Technology.

Natural peeling technology (Youth P-SolTM) and
Captain probiotics (DactorTecTM KIS) technology

Global No. 1 Dermo Cosmetic Products!

Development of Innovative Dermo Cosmetics with 30 years of know-how.

Innovative solutions for each skin concern
at Global dermatology, plastic surgery, hospitals, aesthetics, spas, drug stores, etc.

Key Performance of Company

Anti-Aging Dermo Cosmetics
above 600
Innovative Cosmetic Formulations
Global Network

Dr.JCOS / SBLab / Chiyuu Anti-aging lineup


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A junction of science and cosmetics We analyze women's skin around the world and study their beauty lifestyle. Find yourself shining beautifully every day with Dr.JCOS.
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Dr.JCOS + SBLab + Chiyuu
Global No.1 Leader of Bio Medical Beauty Solution